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Give Zero Fucks: How to Care Less About What Other People Think

It took me a lot of practice to be the kind of person that gives “zero fucks” and actively care less about what other people think, because I misunderstood what the “give zero fucks” mindset is really about. The misconception about people who give zero fucks is that they have no priorities or passions. And I say, “Fuck that” and call “BS”. In actuality, it’s not that we don’t care about anything, it’s that we don’t give our precious energy to things that don’t matter.

Most importantly, this includes the opinions of people who are rude, condescending or so clearly unhappy with themselves that they feel the need to take it out on us. Misery does love company, as they say.

Being the kind of person who gives zero fucks doesn’t mean your apathetic to life itself. In fact, the truth is just the contrary: you simply care about what you care about, believe in what you believe in, are doin’ your thang and just don’t have time for the ill-informed opinions of people who don’t have your best interest at heart. In essence, it’s not that we have zero fucks to give, it’s that we’re not willing to give our fucks to unworthy thoughts and people.

So, this isn’t about not caring at all, it’s more focused on caring about things that actually matter. Like yourself, and your happiness. And essentially, giving zero fucks about anything that gets in your way. Here’s the no BS guidelines so you can start caring more about yourself and less about the things that distract you from being your best.

How to care less about what other people think and more about your own happiness

Decide your own opinion about your life and what’s good for you and make it the most important opinion on the planet.

Too many times we’re relying on other people’s opinions about us and our choices. The truth is, no one knows you better than you do. Take a day, a week, a year - however long it takes - to decide what you really want (regardless of what other people think you’re capable of), identify what is really good for you (regardless of what other people want for you) and make those convictions more important than anything anyone else says.

Only you can know what the right path is, and as they say, there is a voice that speaks without words. Listen to that voice; that voice is your highest self. Trust your gut and follow your instinct.

Stop feeding your insecurities by thinking about them

Insecurities, fears and doubts about ourselves only have power when we feed them with our attention. The more we pay attention to our insecurities and the more we feed them, the stronger they become. Stop feeding your insecurities, stop obsessing over your fears, stop playing stories and thoughts about all the doubts and criticisms about your life and your body in your head on repeat. Give zero fucks to the thoughts that make you feel bad about yourself.

Instead, start feeding your conviction. Start thinking more about the parts of yourself that you love: your creativity, your compassion, your ability to problem solve. Start obsessing over what you think is great about you - feed those thoughts, repeat those stories. Whatever you feed becomes most powerful; so, take the power away from your insecurity and put it back where it belongs. Yes, your mind is strong enough to do that! Stop giving away your power!

Don’t read the damn comments

Sometimes ignorance - as in ignoring something - really is bliss, especially when that thing is a hateful rant or a judgmental criticism. I learned this the hard way after putting personal stuff on the web. Reading the comments is rarely a good idea, because other people will always provide over-stepping opinions that will just piss you off. If there’s a chance someone has something awful to say about you or to you, just stay away from that. Keep in mind that constructive criticism is very different, and you’ll need to learn that difference in order to grow. You can usually tell the difference because criticism offers guidance for your potential and comes from people you admire, as opposed to harsh judgments and rudeness from total strangers or those that you thought were your friends.

Only you are in charge of maintaining the quality of what you allow into your mind, and that goes for what you read, watch and listen to.

Stop waiting for other people to give you what you really want. Validation. A better work environment. Forgiveness. Anything - if you want it, give it to yourself. Trust yourself enough to know which paths and efforts feel right for you, individually. This is about honoring and trusting yourself enough to believe that there are rights and wrongs for you, that there are things you are worthy of (like love), and you’re in charge of putting the rights into your own life.

Let it be ok...that things aren’t ok

Empty bank account, in a fight with your BFF or your Ride-or-Die, you showed up late to work today and your boss has been giving you side-eye. There’s a lot of things that could be going very wrong. Don’t brush it off, don’t try to avoid it; give a little breathing room for circumstances that aren’t going your way. Accept it rather than try to deny that it’s happening or lying to people about it.

The only thing that can make your life worse when things aren’t going your way is when you don’t let your heart break, don’t allow space for the disappointment or pain and try to judge yourself as a failure on top of trying to deal with everything else that is going wrong. It’s ok to struggle, it’s ok for things to be a little messy; that’s just life. It’s not ok to make a conclusion about your own worth just because things fall apart. And trust me, they will fall apart now and again. The strongest bridges in the world still need maintenance to hold things together. So, things aren’t ok? It’s ok that they aren’t ok, ok? You’re doing the best you can.

The point is that you understand your time and energy are limited. You do not have enough of these to be giving them to everyone and everything around you. Focus on what’s important to you. Be cautious about where you give your attention. You are a powerful, vivacious being and what you allow in your mind and heart ultimately affect the quality of your life. Stop giving your fucks to things and people that hurt you. Start giving your all to things and people that help you evolve into a better you.

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